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The Web Page - For things like About Us pages

We're a Utah company that offers high quality, hand made home decor and gifts for any occasion.

Everything we sell is made in the USA





The page you see here was built on a "Web Page" layout. The web page is the most flexible of all the page types and allows you to add whatever you like.  For this example, we used it to create an About Us page. 



About the Web Page:


  • The Web Page includes a variety of layout options that make it easy to align your text and images on the page.
  • You can insert images within the text area using the image button on the text editor toolbar - you don't have to use the image boxes.
  • You can edit this page by clicking the button above.
  • You can add a new standard webpage anytime by clicking the button above. 

Remember, you can delete/manage pages anytime by clicking